Colosseum Shadows warmly welcomes
another beautiful daughter of
the Great - the Famous
Grand CH. PRINCE Del Cerberus

(and CH. Di Guardia's MOZART)...

- DiPietro's Colomba -

As the newest quality breeding female here at The COLOSSEUM, Corsa replaces her elder half-sister -the wonderful, beautiful, ever popular, Peperoncina Rovente (Red-hot Chilipepper) in the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso breeding program. As you can see, Corsa is very solid - BEAUTIFULLY put-together and will well represent and carry on the well-known COLOSSEUM SHADOWS tradition of producing beautifully built, very athletic Italian Cane Corso...

Corsa & Nicolee--

photo courtesy of
Bonnie Todd (my mother)

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